Nordic 3D was the first professional 3D printing service in Norway. We have nearly two decades of experience, and have the best technologies available.


Our lab post-process your 3D model for optimal print quality. This is a bespoke service that gives all our 3D prints a high level of quality. The lab is currently featuring three technologies: SLS, Polyjet and Additive Process. Each of these technologies have their different strengths, see the table on this page. Our 3D printers are industrial grade and deliver high quality models in a given time frame, these can not compare with the hobby-type of printers out there. 

Columns by artist Bård Breivik, Printed with white nylon, SLS

Columns by artist Bård Breivik, Printed with white nylon, SLS


SLS, Polyjet and Additive Process





Additive process


Durable models with high precision, optimal for prototypes, series and larger scale models

Very precise models, with many material options

Precise models with unlimited colors


EOS P395 and P396

Stratasys Objet Eden 500

3D Systems ProJet 660Pro


Builds by melting very thin layers of polyamid (nylon) plastic into each other with laser. Result is very durable, and can even be  strengthened with aluminum or mineral glass

A great choice for series and larger models

A technology that involves a liquid acrylic material that hardens when hit by UV-light. It builds layer by layer to extreme precision. A good choice for detailed models and prototypes

Plaster composite powder that is built by gluing each layer. This techonolgy can print CMYK color on your 3D model just like an inkjet printer. All sides can be of photographic quality with color and pictures.


0,1 mm layer

0,016 mm layer

0,1 mm layer


White Plastic, Plastic with aluminum / glass

Any solid color in post-process

Transparent and Opaque alternatives, total of 12 different plastic types, even flexible and solid

White plaster composite with unlimited CMYK color

Max size
L × W × H

320 × 320 × 620 mm

400 × 500 × 200 mm

254 × 381 × 203mm


40mm Z-height approx 4000 NOK

600mm Z-height 30 000 NOK

1 cm³ NOK 10

100 × 70 × 50 mm, wall thickness 5 mm
NOK 1400 or € 150

Delivery time

1 - 2 days (normal)

1 - 2 days (normal)

1 - 2 days (normal)


PA2200 White Flexible plastic that som is suitable for locking mechanisms, cogs and other parts that needs to be durable, but still precise. Good for prototyping

PA3200 GF Polyamide with glass particles. Hard models.

Alumide Polyamid with aluminium. Light gray models that are thermally conductive. Can be used to make injection molds and things that has to withstand heat.

Transparent: FullCure 720 and VeroClear

Hard materials (shore D85): VeroWhite, VeroBlack, VeroGrey og VeroBlue

Similar to polypropylen: DurusWhite (shore D76)

Flexible rubber like: TangoGrey (ShoreA75), TangoBlack (shore A60) og TangoBlackPlus / TangoPlus (shore A27)

Heat resistant materials: Endur (shore D87) will withstand temperatures up to 75 - 80 Celsius

Visit Stratasys for more information about the materials

Plaster compsite with the possibility of full spectrum colors, specified in your 3D files (VRML), these colors will be added in parallel with the 3D Print.

For extra strength / contrast this models can be treated with cyanacrylat.